Topic 1:

Circular Economy and the Textile industry

1.1. An introduction to the textile industry and the industrial designer

Presenter: Maarit Salolainen

This class introduces the viewer to the reality of the textile industry and one of its main professionals: the textile designer. The presenter goes through the industry’s past, present and future providing a broad overview of the main industry of this course.


1.2. HereWear and the textile value-chain

Presenter: Lien Van der Schueren (Centexbel)
Another example of how to deal with the Circular Economy in the Textile Industry, this video introduces the viewer to the HereWear Project and their approach to circularity within the textile value chain. 

Further Reading

HereWear’s website

1.3. MY-FI: another approach to circularity

Presenter: My-fi
By the end of this class you should be able to understand the basic principles of this twin partner of the New Cotton Project. My-fi’s collaboration provides a video explaining how their project and proposal approach circularity through the development and implementation of mycelium textiles for the fashion and the automotive industries.

Further Reading

My-fi’s website