Topic 2:

Closing the loop – Textile product end-of-life

2.1. Post-consumer textiles (streams and management)

Presenter: Traci Kinden, Sini Ilmonen and Dolly Vellanki 

Structured as a panel discussion, this class will present some day to day challenges and benefits of managing post-consumer textile flows from Residential and Commercial (uniform+laundry) sources.

2.2. Textile Recycling (mechanical, thermal and chemical)

Presenter: Noora Haatanen (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk)
This class functions as a in-depth analysis of the technologies described by Pirjo Heikkilä in the main class, focusing on the practicalities of recycling processes.

2.3. Production by-products

Presenter: TBD
By the end of this class you will have an overview of the activities and research being carried out by industry partners.

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